Tampa Housing Authority's Employee of the Month

Photo: Gloria Rayder

Gloria Rayder

June , 2021
Main Office
Community Affairs
June's Employee of the Month is Gloria Rayder from the Department of Community Affairs. Gloria serves as Executive Administrative Assistant as well as the agency’s Records Management Liaison Officer; she provides administrative support for the department, executive staff, and the Board of Commissioners, as needed. Gloria has been with the agency for over 12 years, she knows her job and does it well; she takes pride in her work and goes well beyond what is expected; she makes useful suggestions and always does more than what is asked of her. Gloria is very personable, dependable and a dedicated employee overall. She currently volunteers with the Wellness Committee as well as the Risk Management Committee. Preparation of the board minutes can sometimes be an arduous task, but Gloria manages to churn them out every month. The minutes are included in the Board report which is also put together by Gloria herself for monthly review by Board members. Within the report, Gloria keeps us all advised regarding articles that have hit the papers, television, or other outlets. She also maintains our clipping files containing the latest stories mentioning the Tampa Housing Authority or relate to housing by posting these to our agency website, on the department's page. The agency’s Records Management Program is in good hands as Gloria stays on top of all the latest rules and regulations relevant to the program, providing updates as needed to staff. Each year Gloria reports to the Division of Library Services to confirm proper management of our records. She continues to participate in RMLO webinar sessions and works tirelessly to ensure that our records storage and retrieval system is one that we all can be proud of. At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, Gloria identified records with expired retentions and cleared these from the old records storage facility while opening a new records center closer to the Cypress office. Consequently, in early May of 2020 she disposed of 1,751 boxes of records, and 375 additional boxes in July and August for a total disposition of 2,126 boxes for the year.
Photo: Manice Joseph

Manice Joseph

May , 2021
Main Office
Public Safety
May’s Employee of the Month nomination from Public Safety is Customer Care Representative, Manice Joseph. Manice is an exemplary employee and a valuable member of the Public Safety team. He always greets everyone with a smile on his face and he treats everyone with dignity and respect. He puts his best foot forward and never shies away from learning. He loves trying new things and is always the first to volunteer. He will work a weekend shift or night shift that needs to be filled on very short notice. He has streamlined our calls for service procedures, and he keeps accurate and up-to-date records. Manice is always looking ahead and tries to anticipate problems that might emerge on the job and he brings up potential problems early and pushes to get those problems resolved before they become an issue. He is not afraid to ask for help and he is always the first to offer a helping hand. Thank you for your consideration in advance.


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