Tampa Housing Authority's Employee of the Month

Photo: Suvada Gulan

Suvada Gulan

September , 2021
Main Office
Assisted Housing
Ms. Suvada Gulan has been with the Tampa Housing Authority for over 2 years and has shown tremendous growth each year. Ms. Gulan is very prompt at the start of each day and has a great attendance record. She is reliable, always has a positive attitude and is extremely dedicated to her work. She has worked very hard in the last year to improve her case management skills and QC score. She continues to grow and improve each day as a Housing Specialist, and her supervisor is extremely proud of her progress. Suvada has demonstrated a high degree of initiative to improve her case management skills by asking questions and working closely with her supervisor. She has greatly improved and on the right path to reach the department goal for Housing Specialist to consistently maintain an 80% quality control rate. Her average QC rate has improved by 23% from last year. She currently has a 77% QC rate for 2021 and most confidently she will be over 80% by the end of the year. Ms. Gulan has been working diligently to improve in her current position overall and this is attributable of her strong work ethic, Ms. Gulan is deserving of employee of the month.
Photo: Maria Chamberlain

Maria Chamberlain

July , 2021
Main Office
Assisted Housing
July’s Employee of the Month nomination from Assisted Housing is Housing Specialist, Maria Chamberlain. With no previous housing experience, Maria’s motivation to learn and succeed allowed her to excel in her position of VASH Housing Specialist. It is Maria’s work ethic and attention to detail that allows her to stand apart from others. She has been recognized for having the highest quarterly QC score and she is often on the list of those with scores of 100%. Her average QC score since she started in 2017 is 92%. Maria’s exceptional job performance goes beyond processing files. She also exhibits compassion in dealing with our veterans. On one occasion, a veteran was having difficulties and wanted to just give up and relinquish the voucher. Maria told the veteran, “please do not relinquish your voucher, you do not want to be homeless again. Each veteran deserves to have their own apartment. . . you were dealing with the situation (and you will) probably find a place that you really like. Please keep me informed about your decision.” For her commitment to learn and grow, to excel in her job duties, and for bringing understanding and compassion to her position, we recognize Maria Chamberlain as Employee of the Month.


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