West River Redevelopment

A Community Vision

     The West River neighborhood includes approximately 150 acres of land along the western banks of the Hillsborough River and spans from Downtown Tampa to Tampa Heights. Community access to the river for recreational use has been one of the City of Tampa's principal objectives over the past decade. The Hillsborough River, approximately 300 feet in width, serves as a recreational waterway where families from neighborhoods at all income levels can enjoy. The Hillsborough River provides an excellent inland waterway amenity for the City of Tampa and more specifically, thecommunities, residents, and businesses located along much of its length.

Street View, West River
Street View, Mural Street View, Common Area Street View, Common Area

West River Development

Relocation: Completed November 2016.

Demolition: Phase 1 completed Summer 2018; Phase 2 completed Fall 2019.

  • T1 - Renaissance at West River: New construction, 160-units, all affordable senior housing, 6-stories. Amenities include: retail, community room, fitness center, computer lab, wellness room, laundry facilities, craft room and salon. Contractor: DPR. Completion date: September 2020.
  • T2A - Mary McLeod Bethune Apartments: The only building not demolished. Reconstructed, 150-units, all affordable senior housing, 8-stories. Amenities include: community room, fitness center, business center, medical clinic, laundry facilities, and theater. General Contractor: Hennessey. Certified: NGBS Green – Gold. Completion date: October 2020.
  • T2A - Mary McLeod Bethune Apartments: New construction, includes two 4-story garages. Mixed income multi-family housing, 8-stories. General Contractor: Suffolk.
    • T3A - Boulevard Tower 1: 119-units. Construction in progress. Funded 9% Tax Credit. Scheduled completion date: Aug 2021.
    • T3B - Boulevard Tower 3: 133-units. Construction in progress. Funded 9% Tax Credit. Scheduled completion date: Aug 2021.
    • T3C - Boulevard Tower 2: 119-units. Construction in progress. Funded 4% Tax Credit. Scheduled completion date: Oct 2021.
    • T3D - Boulevard Tower 4: 102-units. Part of T2A North. Pending financial closing. General Contractor: Barr and Barr. Scheduled completion date: TBD.
  • T2A North - Villas at West River: New construction, 32-units, mixed income multi-family housing, 3-stories. Pending financial closing. General Contractor: Barr and Barr. Scheduled completion date: TBD.
  • Canopy at West River - Towers 1 - 3: New construction, mixed income and work force multi-family housing. Architect: Zyscovich. Scheduled completion date: TBD.
    • T4 - Canopy Tower 1: 112-units, 7-stories. Approved for 4% Tax Credit.
    • T4 - Canopy Tower 2: 84-units, 5-stories. Included in Phase 1.
    • T4 - Canopy Tower 3: 190-units, TBD stories. Submitted for 4% Tax Credit for work force housing and pending.
  • T5.1: 150 work force units
  • T5.2: National Grocery Store
  • T5.3 & T5.4: 325 market rate units
  • T6: NFL Obstacle Course
  • T7 & T8: Townhomes
  • LOT GS: Commercial
  • LOT R1: Retail
  • LOT O1: Proposed 80,000 SF Office

West River Map

The West River Partnerships

West River Partners

The West River Contractors

West River Contractors

The West River Architects

West River Architects
You can learn more by visiting www.invisiontampa.com
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