To provide the school age youth (ages six through eighteen years) who live in either public housing or the inner city of Tampa with a sports and recreational program that emphasize the need for cooperation, teamwork, sportsmanship, and education that will help youth to cope with the everyday trials of growing up in the inner city. To assist our youth in building strong ideals and the resistance skills necessary to avoid drugs, alcohol, criminal activity and gang activities. As the ORCC accomplishes these goals it will be able to celebrate our diversity and work to make our youth stronger and ready to become productive members of our community.
  • ORCC staff will keep our youth safe by creating an environment that offers a variety of opportunities and utilizes our community resources
  • ORCC will encourage and support parental involvement that inspires youth to a higher quality of life
  • ORCC will promote a positive community environment and mutual respect for everyone
Oaks at Riverview Community Center
110 E. Kirby Street
Tampa, FL 33604
813-341-9101 x2885, x2886, x2887