Encore Project

Redevelopment of Central Park

The Central Park redevelopment project is the Crown Jewel and most complex mixed income, mixed used multi family housing deal that THA has ever been involved with.  It is anticipated the redevelopment will greatly contribute to the quality of life for its residents and the community as a whole.  A joint venture agreement between the Housing Authority of the City of Tampa (THA) and the Bank of America Community Development Corporation (BACDC) has been established.  Through this partnership, a master plan of mixed used, mixed income housing development consisting of the entire 28+ Central Park site has been completed.  The new development has been renamed “Encore District”. 

The proposed development will consist of 2,030 residential units, 50,000 square feet of commercial retail space, 59,000 square feet of office space including a hotel, supermarket, St James Church restoration, Perry Harvey restoration and Town Center.   Construction of this project began in the fall of 2010.  Four of the 11 pads will consist of THA owned affordable Housing market rate rental mixed income rental units.    

Ten percent of those affordable units will be public housing.  The THA and its Partners expect to receive a profit of approximately a half billion dollars from the sale of individual parcels of land that have been created from this plan to private Developers.  This profit and the revenues generated from the operation of the affordable rate rental properties will help THA achieve its goals of quality housing for its residence and thereby lessen economic dependence on HUD subsidies. 

In December 2012 the Tampa Housing Authority received word that it had been chosen to receive a $30 million Choice Neighborhood Grant for community improvements within the Central Park and Ybor City neighborhood. For more information on the Central Park / Ybor Choice Neighborhood initiative please visit our Choice Neighborhood website.

The beautiful Ella Senior Residence building also opened in December 2012. For more information and leasing information please call 813-227-9570 or visit the Ella website: Ella website: https://ellaatencore.com. The Trio, Encore's first family residence, opened in June 2014. For more information about the Trio and leasing call 813-225-4267 or visit https://trioatencore.com.

The Reed building opened June 2015, it is the second senior residence to be built at the Encore. For information about the Reed and leasing call 813-229-8234 or visit https://reedatencore.com.

A fourth residential building is currently under construction. The Tempo at Encore will be a 203 unit multi-family affordable development built to LEED standards and is scheduled to open in the summer of 2017. For updates and information please visit: The Tempo at ENCORE.

Something is always happening at the Encore, for upcoming events and the latest development news visit https://encoretampa.com/.

To learn more about the sustainable features of the Encore we invite you to watch the following videos:

The Encore Story: Watch Video
The Encore District development is creating affordable housing, jobs and economic opportunities in Tampa. Click video link above to learn more!

Encore Tampa: Chiller Plant: Watch Video
How does a community with more than 1400 residences; bustling businesses; an historical museum and grocer plan to stay cool, efficiently and responsibly? Click here to find out!

Encore Tampa: LEED for Neighborhood Development: Watch Video
The Encore is the new GREEN! Learn how the Encore development is one of the first of its kind to receive top "LEED" certification in the state of Florida. Click here to learn more!

Encore Tampa: Jobs: Watch Video
Through the inception of the Encore project; the Tampa Housing Authority successfully put the Bay Area to work! Click here to learn more!

Photo: Aerial View Former Central Park Village
Former Central Park Village
Artist Conception: The Future Encore District
The Future Encore District


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