Geraldine Barnes Award Winner

The Geraldine Barnes Award is an individual who has shown exemplary resourcefulness and discipline in reaching employment and homeownership goals. It involved getting the needed training to reach skill levels in areas that are in demand in the workforce. This individual has worked hard and applied their training to find employment and homeownership opportunities. Their determination to grow and extend their life skills in order to benefit themselves and their families has earned them the respect of those who were privileged to have worked with them through this process.
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April 2021
Philecia Walker
March 2021
Kennetha Strong
February 2021
Elisha Ortiz-Felix
January 2021
Erica Newsome


The Housing Authority of the City of Tampa provides equal opportunity to participates in our housing programs. Any disabled person, outlined by the American With Disabilities Act, requiring a reasonable accommodation to make this process accessible may request such by contacting (813) 341-9101

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Assisted Housing Information:
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Public Housing Information:
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