Photo of the Director of Program and Property Services
Stephanie Brown – Gilmore
Director of Program and Property Services

Mrs. Brown Gilmore started her career at Tampa Housing Authority on July 9th 1997. In the first ten years (10) of her career, she served as the Director of Resident Services and is now presently the Director of Program and Property Services. In this position, Mrs. Brown-Gilmore manages and coordinates “family services with an emphasis on youth.”

Mrs. Brown Gilmore has an admirable quality that gives her the ability to move forward in recognizing a need in the public housing community for programs that will embody the young female population of public housing. She has fearlessly taken on the responsibility of addressing the Board of Directors for Tampa Housing Authority to increase funds that are necessary to ensure that no girl is left behind by providing a funding stream for 100 public housing girls to become a part a sisterhood in girl scouts.

Mrs. Brown-Gilmore is result driven with a track record of success. Her hard work and diligence is greatly recognized with overwhelming results from the following inner-departmental programs:
  • Youth Services
  • Case Management/ Relocation
  • Resident Opportunity for Self- Sufficiency (ROSS) - Family
  • Resident Opportunity for Self- Sufficiency (ROSS) - Elderly
  • Elderly Services Program
  • Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program
  • Neighborhood Networks Center
  • A+ Certification Program
  • On-Site Case Management/Job and Service Fairs
She has also been appointed to spearhead and identify 10 public housing senior high school youth on a trip to Washington DC to sit in on the convening of the National Black Caucus, (also known as the NBCSL)

This American political organization is composed of African Americans elected to state legislatures in the United States of America and its territories.

Mrs. Brown Gilmore’s Program and Property services department is committed to enriching the lives of public housing residents by providing activities and events they wouldn’t be able to financially support themselves. Some of these activities are: programs for the youth, family and elderly such as:
  • Career Source Tampa Bay
  • Leadership Hillsborough
  • Emergency Shelter and Food Program with The United Way
  • Mentorship for YouthBuild USA
  • One Stop Community Tampa
  • Member of Crew Tampa Bay
Mrs. Brown-Gilmore is a forward thinker. She recognizes the need for 21st century programs that are focused on servicing public housing residents of all ages. In addition to her many professional accolades Mrs. Brown Gilmore has received countless awards honors and special recognitions for the following organizations and community providers:
  • 2015 Best Practices Award
  • 2012 Boys and Girls Club Youth Completion of the Year
  • 2012 Daughters of Destiny Girls Mentoring and Empowerment Service Award
  • 2006 Workforce Alliance Distinguish Service Award
  • 2004 Distinguish Woman of Pinellas County Award
  • 2000 Wages Welfare to Work Service Award
It is with great pleasure that we recognize Mrs. Brown-Gilmore for her outstanding leadership and tireless efforts in addressing and raising awareness for youth and families in our public housing community.

Photo of the Assistant Youth and Sports Program Manager
Kenneth T. Bryant
Assistant Youth and Sports Program Manager

Mr. Bryant is a Tampa native and a graduate of Jesuit High School. Mr. Bryant is a military veteran and a former Civil Design Engineer. He began his career at the Tampa Housing Authority on April 7, 2009 where he was tasked with the operations management and programmatic development of the THA Youth and Sports Program.

Mr. Bryant is responsible for the day to day operations of the Youth Program as well as the operations of the building itself. He has assisted in recognizing the needs of the inner city at risk youth and has helped provide those opportunities and experiences that they may not otherwise have. Mr. Bryant strongly believes that every youth, regardless of their social economic background deserves the opportunity and the resources to be successful. He believes that if given those opportunities and resources, that there will be more successes than failures.

Mr. Bryant is a seasoned Assistant Youth Program Manager with more than 10 years of experience in fast-paced Youth Development. He has excellent Coaching and Mentoring skills with a track record of achieving exceptional results in Youth advancement, development, and Youth Program Management.

Some of Mr. Bryant’s skills are as follows:
  • Personnel Management
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Business Management
  • Budgeting and Finance
  • Youth Programing
  • Operations Management
  • Program Scheduling
  • Contract Writing and Negotiations
  • Project Management
  • Event Planning and Scheduling
Mr. Bryant’s duties and responsibilities are as follows:
  • Secure cooperation and obtain optimum results through the efforts of others.
  • Demonstrate fiscal accountability and efficient utilization
  • Conceptualize the needs of the Community Center and write and organize necessary programs and activities to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Facilitate written and verbal communication
  • In charge of all programmatic and facilities operations for Community Center
  • Budget all programmatic activities for Community Center
Dexter Jackson
Youth and Sports Program Manager

Contact info:
     (813) 341-9101 Ext. 2887
Dewan Morgan
Youth & Sports Assistant Manager

Contact info:
     (813) 341-9101 Ext. 2886
Oaks at Riverview Community Center
110 E. Kirby Street
Tampa, FL 33604
813-341-9101 x2885, x2886, x2887