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To provide educational and supportive services to the residents of Hillsborough County for the promotion of community stabilization.

About Us

Photo: THA main office Under the direction of Program & Property Services Department, the Center for Affordable Homeownership (CFAH) is committed to empowering potential homebuyers with the ability to make educated and informed decisions regarding the process of purchasing a home and also assist homeowners who may be at risk of foreclosure.

By working with First-Time Homebuyers and local mortgage lenders, the Center has made it possible for families to transition from renting to owning affordable homes. The process starts with the potential homebuyer attending a First-Time Homebuyer Educational Training and, upon completion, receiving one or more individual counseling sessions.

By assisting homeowners who are at risk of losing their home, the Center empowers individuals and families to take the courageous step in working toward a viable solution in protecting their investment and avoiding foreclosure.

The Center for Affordable Homeownership is your support network before, during and after you have purchased a home. Think of us as your personal trainer to become and stay a homeowner.

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Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm
2019 Homebuyer Education Calendar
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The Housing Authority of the City of Tampa provides equal opportunity to participates in our housing programs. Any disabled person, outlined by the American With Disabilities Act, requiring a reasonable accommodation to make this process accessible may request such by contacting (813) 341-9101

Where can I get more Help?

Assisted Housing Information:
(813) 253-0551

Public Housing Information:
(813) 341-9101

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