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See our Forms for Recertification, Interim Changes, Mutual Recission of Lease, and more.

Photo - Housing Counselors
Housing Counselors
Back left: Michelle Ferrer, Kevin Kelly, Suelinda Feick, Erica Rafraf, Elsie Senat, Ronald Hold, Donald Paredez
Front left: Ladawn Gibson, Erica Matthews, Jissett Martinez (Supervisor), Pamela Bain, Silke Rivera
Photo - Senior Housing Counselors
Housing Counselors 2/Senior Counselors
From Left: Erleen Mai, Krystal Westfall, Heather Rayford, Barbara Boateng-Mirkeu, Deidra Albritton


  • All recertification packets are mailed out 120 days prior to lease end.
  • Recertification packets must be returned within 15 days from date of letter unless an appointment was scheduled. Bring all forms to appointment. If you are a person with a disability and require reasonable accommodation, please contact your counselor.
  • All members age 18 years and older must also sign the recertification packet including those family members who will turn 18 within 6 months.
  • All forms must be signed, dated and or completed, leaving no blanks.
  • Provide supporting documentation in regards to income and assets. (paystubs, bank statements etc…)
  • Review leases prior to making the decision to renew. Landlords may request rental increases after initial year which may affect your tenant portion of rent.
  • Report all household income changes within ten (10) days in writing. Interim change forms should be submitted separate from recertification packet.


  • Before making the decision to move, review the lease for any special stipulations. Please provide written notice to vacate according to the provisions of the lease to the landlord and copy to housing counselor.
  • Rent and any charges must be current before vacating the unit.
  • Vouchers are normally issued 45 days in advance.
  • Voucher term is for 60 days.
  • Make prior arrangements with landlord in case you do not find a suitable unit and have to stay an additional 30 days.
  • Moves that are not within your recertification time should provide a completed mutual recession form signed by both landlord and tenant. (If you are in initial year, you will not be allowed to move.)


  • Keep your unit in good repair. Any damages contact the owner immediately. You may be responsible to pay for any damages that are beyond normal wear and tear.
  • Keep your utilities “ON” at ALL times during your tenancy and the utilities must be billed under an adult member of the household who resides in the unit.
  • Consider all factors before moving such as cost of utilities, neighborhood crime, school rating, transportation, etc.

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The Housing Authority of the City of Tampa provides equal opportunity to participates in our housing programs. Any disabled person, outlined by the American With Disabilities Act, requiring a reasonable accommodation to make this process accessible may request such by contacting (813) 341-9101

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Assisted Housing Information:
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Public Housing Information:
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