Lease Up Process

Request for Tenancy Approval Timeline
HAP Contract Execution Process
Step 1
  • Complete the RTA in its entirety and return to the Assisted Housing Dept. The owner must supply a valid email address. (Inspections will utilize this email address for scheduling)
Step 2
  • Housing Specialist reviews the RTA to determine affordability. If the tenant cannot afford the unit, the housing specialist will contact owner to request contract rent reduction. If owner does not approve, the tenant will be given another RTA and look for a unit they qualify for.
  • If the owner approves then the RTA is approved for tenant affordability.
  • The housing specialist will review the RTA within 24-48 hours of receipt.
Step 3
  • Landlord Liaison will review the Hillsborough County Property Appraiser’s site, to determine ownership of the unit and if that owner is active landlord on our program.
  • New owners will be asked to go to our online landlord at to register and create a landlord application. Please note: if you previously registered it is not pulled until RTA is submitted.
  • If a new application is required and not completed within 5 business days, the RTA will be returned to the Housing Specialist to notify the tenant of the delay and to provide them with another RTA to search for a new unit.
Step 4
  • Once a landlord is established and/or approved for our program the RTA is sent to our Inspections dept.
  • THA’s Inspection Dept will contact the owner via email within 24-48 hours of receiving the RTA of a date and time for the inspection.
  • The date of the inspection could be between 1-14 days of the receipt of the RTA to the inspections dept.
  • The Inspections dept will conduct a Rent Comparability test. If the rent is not approved for that amount the information will be relayed to the Housing Specialist to obtain a reduction from the owner or a rent survey will be provided for the landlord to complete.
Step 5

After a "Pass" result inspection, the Housing Specialist will give approval to move in and the HAP Contract will be sent via e-mail. Please note: tenants should not move in without proper approval from the Housing Specialist.
  • The Owner should then return the signed HAP Contract and signed lease to the Housing Specialist.
  • HAP Contract:
  • Head of Household matches lease
  • Contract unit matches lease
  • All household members are on lease
  • Initial lease term matches lease
  • Initial rent to owner matches lease
  • Utilities and Appliances matches lease
  • Signature of Owner and Management company representative with date
  • If there is any discrepancies with the HAP Contact DO NOT cross out information. Contact the housing specialist to revise the document
  • Lease must include:
  • Contain lease effective date and lease end date
  • Names of all household members
  • Correct unit address (including apartment number)
  • Total contract rent amount matches HAP Contract
  • Utility responsibilities are indicated and match RTA
  • Signed and Dated by Participant and Owner
  • Tenancy Addendum attached to lease
  • All adjustment made after original participant signature must be initialed by the participant
  • THA receives the signed contract and corresponding lease and executes for payment.
  • HAP payments are generally paid within 60 days of the signed HAP contract.
More details on the lease up process can be found in our Lease Up Process document.

Meet our Intake Team
Intake team

From front to back: Caitlyn Scholl, Lisa Biccum, Ngina Watkins, Mercys O’Neal, Jeny Rodriguez, Charlene Bowen and Latoya Wingfield


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